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  2. Back Bishes & Bitches

    You know it lad More Toxic than Hitlers Gas Chambers & more dangeriously equiped than half off the braindead down syndrome brids on the server KEK
  3. Back Bishes & Bitches

    omfg srs
  4. Back Bishes & Bitches

    You New cunts might not know me... but im back and here to cause peace PS. If grandpa is still here. KYS cunt.
  5. Perk System

    I'd say definitely skilling, maybe hitting a significant level gains you a certain amount of points etc, or something along those lines anyway. Another way could be slayer tasks? gain some for completing a task, or even buy x amount of perk points as a slayer reward costing slayer points
  6. Perk System

    That has yet to be established yet
  7. Perk System

    Looking good! How would we receive the points?
  8. Perk System

    Just re-implemented the perk system i created a few months back. Will begin implementation into the game world. Please not there are a few graphic issues with the interfaces for a few small reasons i have yet to attend to. Feedback is welcome
  9. The Wildy Alpha 12/23

    @maximillion Get in the discord. Always active.
  10. The Wildy Alpha 12/23

    Oh boi, can't wait!
  11. The Wildy Alpha 12/23

    finally some best news of this year lol
  12. The Wildy Alpha 12/23

    Great can't wait to see the server up and running again
  13. The Alpha is now open. To join the alpha please use this link: Item list:
  14. Alpha 10/23

    Yes. Getting the server setup now.
  15. Alpha 10/23

    Oh damn, thewildy is coming back? Looking forward to play again!
  16. Alpha 10/23

    I will have the server setup at or before 12 PM EST
  17. Alpha 10/23

    Excited to see what you guys have done! Sucks I work Saturdays we need a Monday Tuesday release. Share I tb'd
  18. Alpha 10/23

    Hello, We will be running the alpha version of our current server this Saturday. I will post the time later this week. Please keep in mind, the purpose of the alpha is to test the server's basic functionality and stability. Along with obtaining general feedback. Please keep in mind there will be bugs and missing content. Thanks, Mopar
  19. The Wildy Reborn

    Guys be sure to check our discord. Updates are posted in there!
  20. The Wildy Reborn

    Im looking forward to it!
  21. The Wildy Reborn

    What’s the discord??
  22. The Wildy Reborn

    Join our discord. I post my updates there
  23. The Wildy Reborn

    Looks pretty damn clean. Really like the bank interface. Looks simple and easy to use. Keep up the work buddy.
  24. The Wildy Reborn

    wow.. GL MAN!!
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