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  1. wildy is coming back stay tuned!!!

  2. Please use the following format when requesting a rank: In-game Name: Rank Needed: Proof of Rank:
  3. Please use the following template when creating a Server Support rank application: In-game Name: Age: Location/Timezone: How many hours do you play per day?: Have you ever received a punishment?: Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Why do you want to become a Server Support?: Post your application as a reply to this thread. Don't spam this thread with off-topic replies, the replies must strictly be applications. Applications may be hidden if they're denied, refer to the bottom of this post for reasons why it may be denied. If your application is denied, you must wait a week before you can submit another application. Creating an application does not guarantee you a spot on the Staff team. Troll applications will be removed along with future applications being potentially denied. Don't do it. If your application has been denied, do not harass staff over it. Your application may be declined due to the following reasons: The applicant is not active or in a timezone where staff members are needed. The applicant not helping out the players for Administration to consider them as a potential staff member. Past offences or incidents that involves the applicant. The applicant's general behaviour/attitude on the server not being of good standard.
  4. notepad

    Forum Rules

    Name: Description: Spam We have forum categories for any sort of basic chat. If you can't seem to find a fitting section, be sure to post it in the Spam category and a forum staff member will move it appropriately. The spam section is the section that has nothing related to The Wildy in any way. Promoting spam is not tolerated either. Do not post useless content, self-promotion, or unsolicited advertisement. Failing to comply to this will result in warning point(s) to the person handing out the infraction's direction. One word posts are also not tolerated, posts like 'thanks' 'support' are counted as spam/one word posts. Any one word posts after today will result in a warning point. Misleading Links Posting anything that is vulgar, racist, or anything that is sexist or inappropriate or links that are misleading will result in a permanent ban from the forums with no chance of appeal. Please ask for permission from a staff member before posting a link. Reputation System Reputation is used to reward users for informative posts. It should not be abused. Self repping or, abusing this will result in your reputation to be completely reset. Flaming/Flame Baiting/Harrassment Use acceptable language while posting. Any flaming or flame baiting or even harassment will not be taken lightly. Use appropriate language otherwise, your post will be deleted and you will be given a warning point. After 3 warning point(s), your forums account will be permanently banned. Impersonation Impersonating is not tolerated. If you are catch impersonating any player or staff member and saying you are them, your account will be permanently banned. We take this very seriously. Grave Digging Posting on threads that are 'dead' is not acceptable. Commenting on threads 14 days old, will be deleted and given a warning point to the staff member's direction. Misleading Content Posting misleading or untruthful content (posts outside of the debate section that are lies or controversial) will not be acceptable. This includes claiming you're an official middle man, faking trust trade pictures, falsifying reports. Offensive Signatures/Avatars Any signature or avatar that is deemed to be inappropriate (Gore, extreme violence, death, extreme nudity, pornography, epilepsy) will be warned and have the content removed. Further occurrences will result in the permanent removal of your ability to upload signatures or avatars.
  5. notepad

    Server Rules

    Name Description Appealable/Refundable 1.1 Spamming Spamming is when a player continuously repeats themselves or randomly types letters and clogs up/blocks the chat so other players can't use it, which is a problem. Failure to following this rule will result in a short period mute. If the spamming continues after the mute it will result in a permanent mute. You will most likely be warned before the mute. Yes/No 1.2 Offensive Language/Flaming This is a very lenient rule as we are on a competitive server and the staff understand that things can get heated at times. Yes, you're allowed to swear but don't take it past the simple "fuck" and don't keep going on as this will fall into a flaming category. Yes, you can banter a little bit but don't keep going on and on. Failure to follow this rule will most likely lead to a mute or a ban. Avoiding mutes will result in you getting either a ban or ip-mute. Yes/No 1.2.1. Use of other languages than English in the yell channel It is forbidden to use any other language than English when talking in the yell channel and clan chat in-game. This also applies to any forum threads outside of the spam forum, and the forum shoutbox. This is not a form of discrimination or whatever you may twist it to look like, it's simply so that all staff members understand that no rules are being broken. This offence will result in a mute, how long depends on whether it's a first offense or not. Repeatedly breaking this rule will result in a permanent suspension from further use of the yell channel. Yes/No 1.3 Advertising Any player caught encouraging other players to join their server, or another private server or game will be banned or IP banned from the game. They will also not be welcomed back on any other account if they are caught repeatedly. No/No 1.4 Staff Impersonation Any player caught trying to impersonate a member of staff or claiming they have staff powers will be banned. No/No 1.5.1 DDoS Threats DDoS threats are taken very seriously. While the actual DDoS may not take place, the threat itself is enough to warrant a ban depending on the severity of what was said and the number of times the player has been caught breaking this rule. Yes/No 1.5.2 Real Life Threats All forms of real life threats are forbidden and any player caught threatening others with words such as "I hope you die IRL" and "I'll come stab you" will bepermanently banned on the account they have done so on. Yes/No 1.5.3 Hacking Threats Any player caught threatening another player with a hack or phrases such as "I'll hack your account" will be given a ban depending on the severity of what they have said. This is appealable. Additionally, and going without much say, upon discovery of hijacking other accounts you will receive an immediate MAC ban. Any association with hacking or a hacker will also warrant a ban. Yes/No 1.5.4 Mute/Ban Threat Any player caught threatening other players with bans/mutes will be given a mute or ban, depending on the severity of what they have said. Yes/No 2.1 General Scams Scamming and luring of any sort is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban. Scamming is obtaining (or withholding items) items via deception or other illegal/fradulent means. This includes creating a clan with the sole purpose to lure players into the wilderness, trying to lure players into wilderness with a friend or by yourself, or advertising and luring over Yell. This rule does not include lent items that haven't been returned, by giving another player your items you are giving them ownership and will not be refunded by a staff member upon request. No/No 2.2 Gambler Rank Scammer If a player with a gambler rank is caught scamming they will be permanently banned and lose their gambler rank. - Additionally, you are not allowed to gamble or stake for unpaid for items. IE: Player A advertising to stake $10 donator for x amount of items in return. Player A must have a donator scroll or other item he is advertising. No/No 3.1 Duping The use of any bug or glitch in order to duplicate goods is a very serious offence. Any player caught abusing bugs or glitches in order to duplicate goods will be permanently IP banned. No/No 3.2 Simple Bug Abuse/Glitches The abuse of insignificant bugs which do not affect the player/game/economy will be punished with a jail. Players caught abusing more significant bugs or abusing bugs multiple times will be permanently banned. No/No 4.1 Lack of respect Please have respect for other players even though you are trying to end each others life. If one is caught flaming or harassing another player in or outside the wilderness for no apparent reason, you will be punished accordingly. Racial slurs and homophobic ''jokes'' will result in a mute. Yes/No 4.2 Farming PKP Farming is strictly prohibited and you will be banned if you are caught doing so. There are several measures place to prevent players from farming and if you still manage to avoid them you are obviously you are not supposed to do what you're doing. No/No 4.3 Griefing Players should not intentionally attempt to grief others by any means. This includes constant ragging for no reason at all or for a prolonged period of time, standing on stakes in the duel arena, running through fights, etc. The punishment can range from a warning to a ban, depending on the severity of the offence. Multi-logging for PVM/PVP advantages is also not allowed under this rule; players may not use more than one account to PVM or PVP. Note; Using more than one account at the same place wether in the Wilderness or by the same NPC/Minigame is NOT allowed. Yes/No 4.4 Safespotting Players are never allowed to 'safespot' a Boss within the wilderness. These all have significantly valueable drops and shall never be abused in such way. However, safespotting is allowed if within a safe area and a valid objectis covering you from your opponent -: OR if you are able to pursue the same action on 07. A player caught breaking this rule will be punished accordingly, punishments after given a warning may vary from 6-24 Hour ban for a first offense. Yes/No 5.1 Staff Choice Rules are guidelines and are not set in stone. Staff members have the right to decide the punishment and may deviate from the punishments listed. = 5.2 Appeals All appeals are dealt with accordingly. The outcome of an appeal is final and cannot be disputed. Players who fail to accept their punishment and continue to discuss it may see their punishment being increased. = 5.3 RWT You are not allowed to sell nor buy in-game goods with real-world or third-party items/currency. Any goods bought or sold in-game must be paid for with The Wildy items or currency. You will be permanently banned or IP banned if deemed necessary. If you are also found involved or attempting this you will be punished accordingly. No/No 5.4 Account Integrity You are not allowed to give away or share your account; If you are caught doing so your account will be banned, This also includes using any third party software in order to control another players account such as team viewer. Yes/No 5.5 Autoing Any form of macroing or automation/botting used to whilst playing The Wildy is strictly prohibited. The exception being Auto Typers, AHK and auto clickers. Auto typer intervals must be set to a minimum of 7 seconds. And you are allowed to use a autoclicker as long as you're present and not afk, and AHK must be 1:1, anything else is unacceptable. Depending on the severity you will be permanently banned or IP banned. No/No 5.6 AFK Training AFK Training is when a player attacks a non-playable character (NPC) whilst not being at their keyboard, thus gaining experience and training. A common method of this is leaving auto-retaliate on whilst in an area with permanently aggressive NPC's. A player found doing this will be punished after they do not respond accordingly within a time frame chosen by the staff member. No/No 5.7 Unofficial Gambling Gambling may only be done with those who have purchased the Gambler rank. Gamblers are only allowed to use their Dice to gamble. No/No 5.8 Multi-voting Multi-voting is against the rules and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Failure to abide by it may result in a punishment on all accounts that are linked to multivoting by a single user. No/No 5.9 Transfering of starter packs Creating multiple accounts to transfer the given starter pack onto another user is strictly forbidden, if caught doing so your account(s) will be permanently banned without warning.