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Status Updates posted by Mopar

  1. Merry Christmas!

    1. taylor swift

      taylor swift

      merry christmas!you too

  2. We had a few issues to fix earlier, causing the server to be down for about 45 mins to and hour. Therefore we have turned on double exp for the inconvenience. Enjoy :D

    1. lobev2


      thank you!


  3. My to-do list is getting smaller and smaller each day :)

  4. I had my vps upgraded overnight. Therefore it restarted. It's back online now.

  5. The Beta is now live!!


  6. Got the new vps will be online within the hour!

  7. Just finished and updated a lot of content today. About 8+ hours of work. I hope everyone is ready ;)

    1. i fury i

      i fury i

      yes were ready lol.