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  1. Perk System

    Just re-implemented the perk system i created a few months back. Will begin implementation into the game world. Please not there are a few graphic issues with the interfaces for a few small reasons i have yet to attend to. Feedback is welcome
  2. Perk System

    That has yet to be established yet
  3. The Wildy Alpha 12/23

    @maximillion Get in the discord. Always active.
  4. The Alpha is now open. To join the alpha please use this link: Item list:
  5. Alpha 10/23

    Yes. Getting the server setup now.
  6. Alpha 10/23

    Hello, We will be running the alpha version of our current server this Saturday. I will post the time later this week. Please keep in mind, the purpose of the alpha is to test the server's basic functionality and stability. Along with obtaining general feedback. Please keep in mind there will be bugs and missing content. Thanks, Mopar
  7. Alpha 10/23

    I will have the server setup at or before 12 PM EST
  8. The Wildy Reborn

    Guys be sure to check our discord. Updates are posted in there!
  9. The Wildy Reborn

    Hello, As you all know our last attempt to start delayed due to personal matters. I have no overcome those and have been working to fulfill my original goal. Here are some updates: Other than the Iron man modes, there will be only 1 game mode EXP will be slow/medium Our Focus: Back when The Wildy was the adventurous fun private server, the focus was always on Pking and the Wilderness. I have decided to change that. With the large amount of OSRS style server's catering to only pking I have moved to the more 'OSRS Emulation' routes. What does this mean? Well it means we will boast high quality content to enhance the player's experience. Moving away and differentiating ourselves from most 'Leeched OSRS servers' we will do things a little different. Examples are things such as: Teleporting to Dagganoth Kings to fight the NPC's. A simple Teleport will not suffice to reach the bosses, the player will Teleport to Waterbirth island where he/she will have to traverse the caves through a variety of NPC's until reaching the boss. Little things like this create the experience. Keep in mind though we will continue to focus on the wilderness just like the last server. Our Base: The most exciting aspect of our server is the fully custom base we are using. This base was a derivative of our old server base which, although advanced had many flaws and outdated features. Our new base is fully updated to #156 OSRS revision. We boast a full Entity Multi threaded system which allows for smooth and reliable game play. We have the newest OSRS combat system and following system..which is something not many servers have. You can even do the famed 'Follow Dance'. There is only 1 other person who has this base (the creator). I strive to distinguish ourselves from others, the last source was successful and this one will be too. Content: Stores will be quite bare, will not have large quantities of supplies such as: Skilling Supplies (Ores, Logs, etc..) 'Top Tier' food Will have Raw foods Cooked foods will be max at Tuna's The Purpose to this method is to create Demand for these raw materials. This mean the focus on skilling will be more rewarding, it will also bring about a stronger market economy. All Bosses Perk System Achievements Quests (YES QUESTS) Well of Good Will Minigames Wintertodt All skills other than construction (future) Full OSRS slayer (Interface, bosses, Wilderness slayer etc) Much More The next few months While i continue to ready the server with the basic necessities to begin a beta. Once our server surpasses Beta we will have an official launch. From there we will continue with updates. Pics: <- NEW
  10. The Wildy Reborn

    Join our discord. I post my updates there
  11. Updates 4/23/17

    Still working on the slayer interface: Slayer Unlocks/Extensions now save All slayer Unlocks/Extensions now display Proper interface functions of Unlock/Extend such as removing check marks when no purchase is made Server checks for bought Unlocks/Extensions and display purchased Unlocks/Extensions with checkmarks Interface is initialized by ScheduledTask This interface is extremely complex and I would say it is 70% complete. Now the fun part begins, the implementation of the actual SLAYER SYSTEM stay tuned. Also if you haven't noticed I am more active weekends than weekdays because of work. Dark Ages has done a great job adding a few things Agility courses Boss npc's Pets and morphing Morei can't remember
  12. Alpha Release

    Welcome, We are currently in Alpha meaning we still have lots to get done. Here is our client download link. Enjoy Reborn V4 Cache/thewildyRebornalpha.jar
  13. Update

    Making some good progress will be working on a new slayer system with the OSRS interface Just got the interface done, need to add all the perks and data within the interface. We are aiming to be in full Beta where everything will be almost complete by mid May
  14. Bugs thread

    To help with our progress we would like all alpha bugs to be posted. Before posting to this thread please read follow the format. Known Bugs: Npc hit delays Most bosses do not work properly Barrows bugs with maps Posting Format: 1. Bug: Describe the bug here 2. How to re-create: If this bug is complex as in it requires multiple steps to accomplish please post here. Such as 1. Gather required runes 2. Go to X location 3. Perform this action 4. Verify it works or doesnt work 3. What is the expected result? (If this bug was not working what is the expected result, such as receive a log from chopping the tree down) 4. What is the Actual result? (Example: The logs do not appear in my inventory after chopping tree) This may seem tedious but it helps a lot and will speed our release.
  15. Bugs thread

    Thank you for these will definitely help out This source we are using was not finished but a much better upgrade from the original Wildy src. With that being said I am almost done with Godwars NPC's, got a lot of work to do
  16. Bugs thread

    Thank you for this
  17. Alpha Updates 4/4/17

    Focusing on PvM Mechanics Finished Bandos Godwars room Proper Attacking Switch Attacking players in room Proper group spawning Proper GFX Updated NPC following mechanics Updated NPC multi attack Mecanics Update NPC aggression Mechanics Barrows 85% complete, need to fix small bugs, add prayer reducing, add more npc's in tunnel These updates will help down the road. Will continue adding full godwars, these initial updates will make the remaining bosses easier to set up.
  18. Merry Christmas!

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      taylor swift

      merry christmas!you too

  19. We had a few issues to fix earlier, causing the server to be down for about 45 mins to and hour. Therefore we have turned on double exp for the inconvenience. Enjoy :D

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      thank you!


  20. My to-do list is getting smaller and smaller each day :)

  21. I had my vps upgraded overnight. Therefore it restarted. It's back online now.

  22. The Beta is now live!!


  23. Got the new vps will be online within the hour!