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  1. Please make a psot whit the updates u have done like u was doing before

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      Абаимова Луиза

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      Андрущенкоа Берта

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  2. Updates 4/23/17

    nice job m8's
  3. Update

    wooot! nice job man
  4. Alpha Updates 4/4/17

    Nice work man
  5. Bugs thread

    Bug - Magic Tryed killing npcs/bosses whit only magic but i can't when u do the last hit it wont ''die'' and the npc /boss will just stay dere walking around as normal but you can't attack the npc anymore it will just not die and you wont reseive loot, tryed reloging but still can't atk the npc.. i think this is a serious bug and should be fixed asap because the npcs u do that other players wont be able to atk too cuz the npc will bug out and is not attackable anymore(did try whit ancients and normal spellbook) Same happen at barrows PS: tryed killing a player whit magic only and everything works just fine.
  6. Barrows bug

    Bug: barrows doors I tryed barrows just now everything was going well till i went into the tunel and i entered a door kept going and than i found a door that i coulnt open went back to the same door i just entered and i coulnt open it even tho i just entered that door..than i relog and everything was fine, maybe you should make us go into the chest room when we enter our tunel like old the wildy
  7. Alpha Release

    Let's g00000000000